Mystery Babylon:  RCC, Jews or Both?


It all started in the garden. After the serpent seduced (nasha) Eve, God said he was going to multiply her conception (and her sorrow).  See The Serpent and Eve.  She then knew Adam and conceived Abel, her 2nd conception. Cain was the first conception being of his father The Devil.  1 John 3:12. Cain and Abel were twins but, as most know, Cain murdered Abel. After Cain murdered Abel, he was driven out of the land of Eden and into the land of Nod where he took a wife and had offspring, the Kenites.  Where did this wife come from if Adam and Eve were the first 2 people in the world? Well they werent the first 2. There was a 6th day creation in Gen 1:27 where God made both male and female and all the host of them, Gen 2:1, a host being a mass of persons.  Then God rested on the 7th day and after that, he made the man "Adam", then the animals and then he took Eve from Adam as opposed to making them male and female as in the Gen. 1:27 creation. See Exegisis on Creation.   Because Cain was a murderer and of his father the Devil, John 8:44, Cain was rendered a servant, a curse that would also fall on his progeny.  (Others have also been rendered servants.  After Ham slept with his mother, the resulting offspring, Canaan, along with his father Ham, were driven from Noah's family. Ham and Canaan then mixed with the non-Adamic races and were also rendered servants.  It is written that the elder, Esau, would serve the younger, Jacob.  Esau married outside the Israelite race and he and his offspring, the Edomites, were rendered servants.)


Cain's offspring, the Kenites, became the servants of the Levitical priests and were called nethinims, i.e., temple slaves assigned to the Levitical priests for service in the sanctuary. 1 Ch 9:2.  Since the Levites were divided amongst the tribes so that the tribes would have priests ministering to them, these nethinims went into captivity with the childlren of Israel.  While in Babylon, the nethinims were naturally attracted to Babylonian mysticism because they were the descendants of Cain, the originator of these pagan false religions.  This is where the Talmud came from that the Jews observe in the synagogues. It came straight from Babylonian Mysticism and is what the Bible refers to as Mystery Babylon. The Kaballah, where witchcraft comes from, is also derived from the Talmud.  Over time, the nethinims took over more and more of the duties and responsibilities of the Levitical priests who had become lazy until eventually the nethinims became the priests.  These were the Saduccees and Pharisees of Christs day. Christ knew they were not Levites or related to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and exposed them. Christ told them they were of their father the Devil, who was a murderer from the beginning, i.e., they were the descendants of Cain. John 8:44. Because Christ knew who they were, this threatened their industry, their position, prestige and power so the Kenite Jews sought to kill him (Luke 22:2).


In the Old Testament, the tribe of Judah was called "Judah" not "Jews". After Israel and Judah were removed from the land of Judea (at different times), the Kenites, Canaanites, Edomites, Khazars, etc., moved into the land of Judea and were called Jews not because they were Judahites but because they resided in the land of Judea.  After Judah was released from captivity, very few returned to their homeland.  Those that did return were only called "Jews" because they too became residents of Judea or Judeans.  This creates a lot of confusion when reading in the Bible about the Jews because in John 8:31 Christ says to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, [then] are ye my disciples indeed.  But the majority of the Jews yelled, "crucify him".  The reason most of the Jews rejected Him is because they were not His sheep for Christ said my sheep, (referring to the lost sheep of the house of Israel) hear my voice and follow me. John 10:26,27.  The bible states in other verses that the Jews killed Christ and their own prophets, have persecuted us (Israelites); they please not God, and are contrary to all men: 1 Thes 2:14,15.  These verses could not possibly be referring to the same Jews as John 8:31 so we must first realize that the word "Jew" strictly means a Judean and then second, we have to determine whether the term is referring to Judahites or not.  Most of the time, it is not.


Mainstream Christianity is taught that the Jews are "the chosen ones", the elect of God, but the truth is, 95 percent the Ashkenazi Jews are not Israelites/Judahites for if they were, they would have "followed Him". The scriptures clearly state that the remnant of the woman's (Israel) seed are those that keep the commandments and the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Rev 12:17. Since the Jews do not keep the testimony of Jesus Christ, they cannot possibly be the remnant Israel, if you believe the Bible that is rather than some priest or preacher.  Therefore, it is confusing the issue to say that Jews are the chosen ones when the word clearly teaches that they are of the synagogues of Satan. Rev. 2:9 & 3:9. The true remnant are those that have been the keepers of the Old and New Testaments throughout history, which are those who believe in Jesus Christ, the kindred redeemer who came and redeemed his "kin", i.e. your Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Nordic and other race related people who spread Christianity throughout the world.


Just like the nethinim Jews had taken over the Levitical priesthood, they also infiltrated the church starting with Roman Catholicism as early as 300 AD.  This is how pagan practices were introduced into the church, such as Easter, Christmas, etc. The word Easter comes from the word "Ashtar" who was a ancient pagen fertility goddess.  Every spring the pagans would roll eggs, a symbol of fertility, and have sexual orgies in the groves.  Bunnies are also a symbol of fertility.  The yarmulkes that the Catholic priests wear are identical to the ones worn by Jews.  The molestation of young boys by Catholic priests is Talmudic since the Talmud sanctions Rabbis having sex with boys as young as the age of 9 and girls as young as 3 years old. These abusive Talmudic practices have extended to other types of severe physical abuse such as that practiced by Nuns in parochial schools.


Protestant churches broke off from the RCC but have retained many of the pagan Talmudic practices.  The word of God is not taught in most churches. Instead they teach the traditions of the elders, which is based on Babylonian Talmudism. The Bible refers to it as doctrines of devils, devils being the children of The Devil.  The only Christian churches that are not Judeo-Christian are Christian Identity churches or those that know the true identity of the Israelites and Judahites and know that the Jews are not of Jacob Israel.  These are represented as the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia, which I believe correspond to Israel and Judah respectively, which are the 2 churches who know about "the Jews are that call themselves Jews but are not (not Israel/Judah) but are of the synagogues of Satan". Rev 2:9 & 3:9.  These 2 are the only churches out of the 7 types of Christian churches in the world that the Lord does NOT condemn. Rev. 2 & 3. The Lord has a problem with the other 5 churches and threatens to remove their candlestick unless they repent. We then find in Rev. 11 that there are only 2 candlesticks left, i.e. the two witnesses. The other 5 Christian churches have lost their candlestick and gone the way of Mystery Babylon.


Inasmuch as the 7 types of Christian Chruches represent all the Christian churches of the world, we need to pay close attention to one church in particular, the church of Pergamos (which should remind you of pergatory). Rev. 2:13 describes this church as having the seat of Satan and is the one where Satan dwells.  It should come as no surprise then that Satan and his children the Jews are in control of this church for it is prophesied that this would happen. 

Rev 6:2

And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

This verse sounds like its referring to Christ. However, the word "bow" in Greek is "toxon" and means a fake garment.  This is the false Messiah and represents the hidden dynasty of religion that Satan is in control of in the end time. Those who believe that RCC is the beast of Revelation and behind the new world order without giving regard to the Jews are in error.  Likewise, those who think only the Jews are behind the new world order without giving regard to the church are also in error.  The truth is, the Jews have either taken over the leadership and/or corrupted the doctrine of all Judeo-Christian churches just like they took over the Levitical priesthood.  RCC as well as all of mainstream Christianity are considered Judeo-Christian churches since they teach that the contemporary Jews are the chosen ones of God rather than teach the truth from the scriptures.  RCC is the largest Christian church in the world, it is the most powerful and controls most of the holy sites. As it is found in the scripture concerning the church of Pergamos, this church holds the seat of Satan and I would expect The Antichrist to appear from this church claiming to be God.  


I recently learned from the biblical scholar, Reverend Samuel Roberts, that the Talmud contains 2 antichrists.  This would point to the Black Pope and the White Pope. The Black Pope is the leader of the Jesuits and is believed to control the White Pope. The Black Pope is also believed to be a Luciferian, i.e, a Satan worshipper. See  Vatican Assassins. In that the Bible refers to the Jewish synagogues as synagogues of Satan, where we know Babylonian Talmudism is observed, we must conclude that Judaism is Luciferianism and Luciferians are Jews.  This is especially true since they rejected the Messiah and are against (anti) Christ.  Therefore, if the Black Pope, Count Han Kolvenbach, is Luciferian as reported, he cannot be a Christian but must be a Jew for he is against Christ. If the Black Pope controls RCC and if the Black Pope is Luciferian, we must conclude that RCC is controlled by Luciferians or Jews. Therefore, if one believes that the RCC is Mystery Babylon of Revelation, it is confusion, and Babylon means "confusion", to say that RCC is Satanic and controlled by Luciferians but then turn around and say the Jews are the "chosen ones" of God and not Satanic. Likewise, to hold that RCC is Mystery Babylon, i.e. Babylonian mysticism or Talmudism aka Judeo-Christianity, is to hold that the Luciferian Jews, those of their father The Devil, are in control of the RCC.


Believers in Christ must realize that Judeo-Christian churches are apostate and under the control of Satan and his children the Jews.  This is why the Lord warns the 5 apostate Judeo-Christian churches to "come out of her my people". Rev. 18:4. There are many of His children in Babylonian apostate Judeo-Christian churches otherwise He would not warn them to come out of her. In fact, the majority of His children are engulfed in Babylon and need to come out of her

Mar 4:23 If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.