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This site is dedicated to the tenets of Christian Identity and for the study of our Father's Word.  It is a place for the regathering of lost sheep of the Houses of Israel and Judah, known as the Israelites.

Overview of Basic Beliefs

We believe the Israelites are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Nordic and kindred peoples of the world and are the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as evidenced by, inter alia, the Behistun Rock and the Assyrian Tablets. As the physical descendants of Abraham, Israelites are the recipients of the Abrahamic Covenant and covenant blessings promised to Abraham's seed via his wife Sarah (Gen 17).

Proof in the Word that the Christian Caucasian people are the Israelites is found in Rev. 12:17, where it states, "the remnant of the woman's seed (Israel) are those that keep the commandments AND the testimony of Jesus Christ". While some Jews may keep the commandments, most do not keep the testimony of Jesus Christ and therefore cannot be the Israelites.  Only the Israelites keep both for they are those that Christ spoke of when He said, "my sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me" (John 10:27).

"Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a 'Jew'..." Quote from the Jewish Almanac

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